Rajendra Rai<rajenrai@hotmail.ocm >
Mr President, This is Rajendra Rai again. I am very glad that the little old book finally reached to its destination. I hope other members will enjoy reading the book as much as I did. I don’t know if anybody in your office still know that village and the characters.
We the Rais in America has now an organization called Kirat Rai society of America. I am not involved in the organization but try to help when I can. We try to celebrate our Sakewa Silli every year. Other than that we have not done much. It is hard to get organized and bring people together. Some are way smart to push their view on others and some are way inactive to work? for community. Plus We have the culture of ‘breaking up’. I guess every organizations in Nepal suffers from this problem. When we organized our Sakewa Sili last year we had to deal with other Nepalis who thought we are being ‘Jatibadi’. I explained to some of them what it really is. Many still thinks we are communal. Now I feel like ‘who cares’. Well I talked little too much here I guess.? Well. Plz keep in touch.
Rajendra Rai Denver, Colorado.

Sat 5 mar 2005 Dear Raiji,
Many thanks for the book ‘The Magars of Banyan Hill’. I had received it on 23 Feb, 2005. Thanks for the person who delivered it. This book will remain in our library as souvenir from you and your family. I believe that your will always keep helping attitude for the upliftment of ethnic communities and dalits of Nepal which will ultimately help in the development of Nepal as a great nation fit to live for all. I appreciate your interest in our web site also. Thank you for the beautiful greeting card of Colorado. With best regards.
Dr Govind Prasad Thapa

Mar 15 2004 Namaste Dr. Thapa jiu,
Greetings from Rockies of Colorado. This is Rajendra Rai in Denver. How are you? I hope everything is alright with you.
This little research book ‘Magars of Banyan Hill’ is what I am I was talking about in my emails. I am glad to be able to send it to you through the help of my friend Raju Pun. I know, as a very high ranking police officer, you are really busy with your extraordinary duties and responsibilities especially at this critical moment of the country. Despite all that I hope you will have fun reading the book.
Please let me know if there is anything I can help you in future.
Thanks you for sparing your valuable time out of your busy schedule. We feel honored to be introduced to you.
Sincerely yours
Rajendra Rai
Denver Colorado, phone 303-882-7167 Mar 15 2004

Sat 7 feb Dear Rajendra ji,
Namaskar. Thanks for the mail once again. Well as a profession I am a policeman, holding a rank of Additional IGP in Nepal police HQ. currently I am Chief of CID (Crime Investigation Department). We (Adivasi/Janajati) have had enough street campaigns for the recognition. Now we have to be more self-helping. I am just trying to help the government?s policies and programs bein implemented successfully. Yours contribution will always be expected in days to come. Thanks for your kind cooperation in advance. Please as your friend to give me a call when s/he is here in ktm.
Dr. Govind P. Thapa

Sat feb 7
That?s perfect. Thanks for your prompt reply. By the way, it would be nice if you could provide is more information about you and your field of work. I know Magars are quitre active in organizing their community and they are successful too.

Thu 5 feb
Dear Rajendra ji,
Namaskar. Please note down the number. 4420541 (O), 5535024 (Res), 9851041459 (mobile). Thanks.
Dr. Govind P. Thapa
Mon feb 2, 2004 Namaste,
Actually I am in USA Colorado. I will send it though one of my Magar friend who is coming to Nepal in this Spring. I hope that works for you. Plz give me your number so when she gets there she can call you. Thank you.

Sat 31 jan 2004 Dear Rajendra ji,
Thanks for the mail. It is very kind of you to have written us. We shall be very grateful to receive the book as a gift from you. Please send it to us in the following address:
Dr. GP Thapa, Post Box 12451, Kathmandu,Nepal. We hope you will continue to study on the past history of Adivasi/Janajati. Thanks.

Sat. 31 jan 2004 Namaste,
My name is Rajendra Rai. I am from East Nepal, Bhojpur. The reason I am emailing you is I have a book (a research paper) named ?Magars of Banyan Hill? written by an American professor back in 1960s. I guess intellectuals of Magar Studies know about this. I read this book and it is very beautiful. It gives a very picturesque description of Magar village, I don?t know exact place but somewhere
around Kaski. After I read that book I tried to correspond with the write[r] and emailed to those Universities where he worked. Finally one of the university in Chicago official told me he died in the 90s. anyway, the reason I am telling all this is I liked the book and I guess all the Magar community will like it if they get chance to read. After I read that book, I wanted to go to that village and see the changes, I wanted to meet those people he mentioned in the book. Well it is truly a nice document for Magar community. If you are interested I can provide the book. Thanks.
Rajendra Rai