Wednesday, March 23, 2005,

Akkha Rikka: Whose script is this?
As I belong to Magar community, I thought of publishing this piece of information received from emails of BK Rana and MS Thapa. I request all Magar bandhus and other alike to disseminate this information and invite scholars to this forum for their views.

BK Rana writes:
I am writing on the AKKHA script. M. S. Thapa claims Magars belong the script. I am also fully aware that Magar youths in some outposts publish booklets, newspapers and calendars in AKKHA script. Can we discuss on AKKHA script again so that the claim could be established? ‘Maankulam’ a Tamil Brhami script also looks like Brahmi. Let us renew the discussion.

MS Thapa writes:
I’m still fully convinced that the so called BRAHMA LIPI is not of Aryans as they claim. According to Buddhist text the oldest script of this continent is clearly named AKHARIKA which means ” Varna Mala” in Magar language. No other languages, except Magar, can claim “RIKAA” as script. The word RIKAA means Script or Alphabet in classical Magar language. It was the first invention of Magar ancestors that pervaded through out the Indian continent. That is why it was and is called BRAHMA-the universal not BRAHMIN as claimed by BRAHMINS of Aryan stock. This RIKAA was copied by Tamil, Gujtarati, Bengali, GURUMUKHI, BURMA, Thailand and Sombhota of Tibet etc and they edited it according to their phonetics. If we accept it of BRAHMIN ARYAN why it is not found in SINDHU Valley? the first civilization place of ARYAN ( though I am not convinced about it ). DO we find it in KHAJURA, HADAPPA and MOHEJODORA in west Pakistan, the most ancient places of ARYANS? So the claim about this Akharika by Aryan or others are like “tala parepani khutta ta maathi chha .”