Magar Studies Center organized a one day seminar on Cultural Practices of Magars of Rukum, Rolpa, and Dolpa on 3 Bhadra 2063 (19 Aug 2006). MSC team had conducted a survey study on these issues. Associate Professor Krishna Bahadur Thapa and Mrs Shyamu Thapa of TU presented the report. Eminent historians Prof. Dr. Rajaram Subedi, Prof. Dr.Triratna Manadhar, MS Thapa, Dr. Harsh Bdr Budha; linguists Hira Singh Thapa, Dr.Yogendra Prd Yadav, Bhim Regmi, Dantraj Regmi, Amrit Yonjan, Pavitra Rana; socio-anthropologists Chudamani Bandhu, Tamla Ukyab, Norbu Ghale, were amongst others present on the occasion. Many others could not attend the event because of strike (banda) on that day. Efforts of MSC were appreciated. More in-depth studies on these areas to protect and promote diverse cultures of the peoples of Nepal were felt necessary.