Nepali Societies

January 1st, 2015


  1. National Census Report 2011
  2. Bonism, animism, shamanism, tantrism
  3. Dharma granth
  4. Nepal
  5. Nepal History Ancient Period
  6. Gurkhas Handbook for Indian Army-CJ Morris
  7. Tribes in the ethnography of Nepal–Caplan
  8. The Thakali of Nepal_Historical Continuity and Socio-Cultural Change_Don Messerschmidt
  9. Thangmi of Nepal
  10. Societies of Nepal
  11. Newars
  12. Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict in Nepal
  13. Kusunda Worldlists Viewed Diachronically
  14. Ethnographic Atlas XXV
  15. The ambivalence denied
  16. Brave warriors of Nepal
  17. Heroes and builders of Nepal
  18. Short History of Darjeeling
  19. History of Darjeeling-A Paper Presentation
  20. History of Sikkim
  21. Sikkim of yesterday
  22. Revisiting History of Sikkim
  23. The Forkha Sons of the Soil, pride of the Nation
  24. About the Gurkhas
  25. Memories of World War II
  26. The history of the messianic and rebel king Lakhan Thapa Magar by Marie Lecomte-Tilouine
  27. Gurkhas by Eden Vansittart; Gurkha Rifles; B. U. Nicolay
  28. Legend of Gurkha
  29. The Historical Development of Himalayan Anthropology
  30. Recipients of the Victoria Cross
  31. Gurkha Victoria Cross Winners
  32. Our Societies: A Study-Janaklal Sharma
  33. Literature list on Nepal and Tibet
  34. Gurkhas: Handbook for the Indian Army
  35. Inventory Papers of Hitchcock
  36. Post-Zhabdurung Era Migration of Kurmedkha Speaking People of Eastern Bhutan
  37. Caste, state and ethnic boundaries of Nepal
  38. Warrior Gentlemen `Gurkhas’ in the Western Imagination. by Lionel Caplan
  39. The history of Gurkhas
  40. Dhimals: Little known tribes
  41. Tribes in the ethnography of Nepal
  42. Thakali of Nepal
  43. Tamangs of Nepal
  44. Fatalism and Development Nepal’s Struggle for Modernization by Dor Bahadur Bista
  45. Fatalism and Development in Nepal by Alan Macfarlane
  46. Books on history, religion, culture published by Brill Academic Publishers
  47. The Thakali of Nepal: Historiacal Continuity and Socio-Cultural Change-Donald A. Messerschmidt
  48. Dynamics and politics of Nepali language
  49. A tonal analysis of Gurung
  50. In Memoriam of David Eugene Watters
  51. Clause, sentences and discourse pattern in selected languages of Nepal
  52. Diversity and endangerment of language in Nepal
  53. Ritual Paradoxes in Nepal_Comparative Perspectives on Tamang Religion_David Holmberg
  54. Budhhist temples of Lo Monthang Nepal
  55. State of World Indigenous People-Culture
  56. Festivals of Nepal
  57. Folk Music in the Caste System of Nepal-Felix Hoerburger
  58. Cultural Identity and Ideology
  59. Cultural_Transformation of Magars-Keshar Jung Baral
  60. Warrior Gentlemen: ‘Gurkhas’ in the Westen Imagination-Lionel Caplan Premen Addy
  61. Trans-Himalayan Traders: Economy, Society, and Culture in Northwest Nepal-James F. Fisher
  62. Some Characteristic Legal Institutions of Nepal
  63. Nepalese Shamans Oral Texts-Opitz
  64. A Marriage Ceremony of the Pun-Clan (Magar) at Rigah (Nepal)-Leonhard Adam
  65. Nepalese Hydronomy; Towards a History of Settlements in the Himalays- Michael Witzel
  66. Nepalese Hill Village and Indian Employment-Hitchcock
  67. Castes de Musicians au Nepal
  68. Fra fur fron: Die dreierallianz bei den Magar West-Nepals Michael Opitz
  69. Eastern Nepalese Marriage Customs and Kinship Organizations
  70. The Country and People of Nepal-Morris
  71. Life Cycle Rituals of Hindu
  72. Magars of Banyan Hill-Hitchcock
  73. Shaman of Blind Country-Opitz
  74. Tribute to Master Mitra Sen
  75. The Politics of Culture in the Shadow of Capital by Lisa Lowe and David Lloyd
  76. Dalit: Modern-day slavery’s challenges
  77. Adivasi Janajati: Status and trend update (June 2005-April 2009)?draft
  78. Study of the Problem of Discrimination Against Indigenous Populations
  79. Women and Politics: Case of the Kham Magar of Western Nepal by Augusta Molnar
  80. Indigenous People, Poverty Reduction and Conflict by Krishna Bhattachan
  81. Ethnic Cauldron, Demography and Minority Politics by Dilli Ram Dahal
  82. Maping Power: Disputing Claims to Kipat Lands in Northeatern Nepal by Anne A. Forbes
  83. Social Exclusion and Conflict Transformation in Nepal by Alexandra Geiser
  84. State and Society in Nepal by Harka Gurung
  85. Understandng Social Inclusion and Exclusion by Rajendra Pradhan
  86. Politcal Inclusion and the Dynamics of Democratization by John S. Dryzek
  87. Paradigms of Governance and Social Exclusion by Edward Dommen
  88. Social Exclusion, Solidarity and the Challange of Globalization by G.J. Room
  89. Social Exclusion and Conflict: Analysis and Policy Implications by Frances Stewart
  90. Social Exclusion: The Concept and Application to Developing Countries by Ruhi Saith
  91. Ethnic Nationalism in Nepal by Bal Gopal Shrestha
  92. Anthropology, society and development in Nepal by Devkota
  93. Dalit and Feudalism
  94. Hindu tribal interface by PR Sharma
  95. A Nepalese Hill Village and Indian Employment
  96. Newar Buddhist Culture
  97. Polyandry and its cultural background-Chenbo
  98. Ritual Brotherhood A Cohesive Factor in Nepalese Society
  99. The Social Organization and Customary Law of the Nepalese Tribes
  100. Ancient and medieval history of western Nepal-Ram Niwas Pandey
  101. Anthropology and society of Nepal–Devkota
  102. ‘Bravest of the Brave’_Representations of ‘The Gurkha’ in British Military Writings_Lionel Caplan
  103. Early Accounts of Nepal
  104. Ethnic federalism
  105. Fatalism and development in Nepal–Alan Macfarlane
  106. Federalism theory and practice
  107. Federalism in Nepal-abstract
  108. Gurkhas by Eden Vansittart; Gurkha Rifles; B. U. Nicolay
  110. Slavery in Nepal – 1925 abolishment by Santa Pun
  111. Water_Nepal
  112. History of Lalitpur
  113. History and Culture of Kiranti PeopleKarya patra Dr. Surendra kc and Bishnu Prabhat from Nepal Academy
  114. Historical Background of Lalitpur
  115. Dehradun ko itihas, Nepali lokjiwan ra sanskriti-Nepal Academy
  116. magar jati ko ghatu nach
  117. Ghatu
  118. Ghatu, Nachari and Ohora-gyawat
  119. Sorathi dance



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