Baral Magar, Keshar Jung. 1980 (2037 VS). Magar Kura Kut Jatma Nakke? Magar Bhasa Kasari Bolne? (How to speak the Magar language?). Kathmandu: Suresh Ale. Annotation by: Pratigya Regmi in Indigenous Magar of Nepal: An Annotated Bibliography, Magar Studies Center, 2018

Baral Magar (1980) presents a representative spoken form of the Magar language in teaching-learning format. It is a collection of the basic vocabularies and sentences, which occur during conversation in a day-to-day life. Additionally, it talks about three types of tense distinction: past, present and future. It clearly mentions that suffix -a indicates present tense, -le is the present tense marker and the suffix -tˢə followed by present tense marker -le codes the future tense. As a teaching material, contents are organized in two parts; first part includes thirty one lessons and the second part incorporates two exercises. Each lesson in the first part consists of sentences and glossary. It is a MagarNepali bilingual book in Devanagari script. The main goal of this work is to facilitate the learners to learn and speak the Magar language easily.