Mar 24 2003
Dear Dr. Govind Prasad Thapa,
I would like to know about the culture in general around the communities of the Nepal in specially the Magar community. I am a Colombian anthropologist that study in a Master Degree in Territory and Interculturality and have a Superior Degree in Social Sciences with specialization in Anthropology and history. With this background and research interest, I want to study and research about Magar community.
Rodrigo Martinez,

Hello & Respected Magar People,
My name is Danny Thapa, and I belong to the Razan Clan of Magar Tribe. As my family was settled down in India (Assam) so I have a very little idea about the origin of my people. I browse the site daily to know about my people and their history, but there is very little information available. I was happy to go through the site. Try to provide more information on the site. I am working in IT field in Bangalore, I will be ready to help you in technical related issue.
Sat 28 jun 2003