Regmi, Bhim Narayan. (2018). Multilanguage orthography for the languages of Nepal. Gipan, 3:2. pp.157-174.
Annotation by: Bishnu Kumar Sinjali

Regmi (2018) has proposed a Devanagari based multilanguage orthography for languages of Nepal. He has traced the development of all the scripts used in Nepal except Roman and Arabic and argued that those scripts have the same historical root and the same guiding principles. All the scripts—either been developed locally or adapted but
Akkha—have been emerged from Brahmi while Akkha is just another name of Brahmi. He has got puzzled and raised a question why M. S. Thapa (Jhendi) Magar in his book entitled Akkha Lipi ra Magarharu (Akkha script and Magars), published in 2059 BS chose another name for the script instead of ‘Lichhavi’ as there were two favorable points for
this name: (1) Thapa himself claims that the Lichhavis are the Magars who used this script, and (2) Newars as well as other Nepali scholars working in the field of scripts have already used the term ‘Lichhavi’—instead of ‘Gupta’—as historical source of the Newari or Nepal Lipi.