Indigenous Magar of Nepal: An Annotated Bibliography, Magar Studies Center, 2018: Adhikari, Surya, M. (1997). The Khasa Kingdom: A Trans Himalayan Empire of the Middle Age. Delhi: Nirala Publications [First edition 1988; revised edition 1997] Annotation by: Dr. Govind Prasad Thapa

In this book, the author has presented the overview of different races’ origin in Nepal. He has categorised the people of Nepal in line with race, language, geography and religion. The author is of the opinion that “the midland is contact zone of the Aryan and Mongoloid people. It is here that the Hindu and Buddhist civilizations merge. Magars and Gurungs, both of Mongoloid strain, are the early settlers of this region. They ruled over the country before the Khasa-Aryan infiltration from the west and the south.” The author claims that, “Magars were the first to receive the Khasa in Western Nepal. As they have family surnames such as Thapa, Rana and Budhathoki, it seems that they had closest association with the Khasa and occupied important designations in the military administration of the Khasa kingdom. Other surnames of Magars, Sinjali and Sinjapati show their historic relations with Sinja, the capital of the Khasa kingdom.” (pp.20-21).

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