September 10th, 2013

Help run a school

On Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 6:53 PM, Mahabir Pun <> wrote:

Hello all,

I am eagerly looking forward to hearing from the people in this mailing list to know how serious you are in helping your brothers and sisters, which many of you say you are in your words.
Request to send your contribution for Restaurant Project in Thamel:

I posted this message yesterday in Facebook also. I am in Kathmandu now and I am working for the restaurant project. Yesterday I opened a new bank account in my name for now. Actually I wanted to open the bank account in the name of the restaurant, but we have not completed the paper works to formally register the restaurant to company registrar and get PAN and VAT number. I am working with several friends to finalize the name of the restaurant, to make menu, and others. Several people, who have experience in restaurant business are helping me. I will let you know that details in a few days.

Now the following is the bank account number. You can send your money to the account if you are interested to support. As I said, it is a loan for which I will pay 10% interest rate per year. I will send the formal receipt of your contribution after all the paper works is done. Right now I need money for paying the owner of the former owner of the restaurant.

Mahabir Pun
Everest Bank Ltd
Saving Account number: 03500501202095
Swift Code: EVBLNPKA

Thank you Very much.

Mahabir Pun

On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 9:01 PM, Mahabir Pun <> wrote:

Namaste to all,

Would you mind if I share an idea with all of you?

I was in the US for one week and now I am in Japan for one more week. I am sharing my ideas with people abroad as how we can help poor people in the Himalayan region in sustainable ways. Many people agree with what I am telling them. I am not begging but I am telling them the ways they can help.

I don’t like to beg because it is called “hat thapne”. I don’t like to ask for donations either as a beggar. Therefore I am going to open a restaurant in Thamel for making money to run community development project within a month. Let me know if any of you agree with me. If you agree with my idea, you are welcomed. If you don’t agree with my idea, you are welcomed too. I believe that thing can be done unconventional ways and I have been it all my life.

I am sure that we have many Magar scholars in this forum with lots of ideas to develop Nepal better ways. However, just having ideas is not enough. You need to practice or implement your ideas in the field to know whether it works. If it does not work, there will be nothing you will loose. Rather you will get more ideas to do the things better ways.


Help preserve Kaike language

The Center aims to continue with the study, education, consultancy and advocacy programs in?future. It is aiming to correct the incorrect, bridge the gap, and write the unwritten history of Nepali societies. The Center is also aiming to organize a seminar of regional level on the theme of history, culture, language, and the societies in near future. The Center seeks your valuable contributions in these endeavors.
The bank account of Magar Studies Center is Nepal Bank Limited, Jawlakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal Ac. No. 16081/110.

Please contact us for further information through emails or telephone in this connection.

Ph. No. 00977-1-5532320

Please find below following proposal/s awaiting graceful donation:

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