Nov 18, 2001
Dear friends,
I have been receiving mails from many Magars, which have always been thought provoking. Although I don’t find time enough to ponder upon many issues of Magar Community, I find myself always attached to the impending threats and vast future opportunities. Please find some of the sentimental ideas on the basics of any organization and few tips for turning any such orgn an effective one. I hope it will help generate environment t consultation.
There are problems and reasons from being lagging behind in the race. I think our leaders and all responsible Magars must be sensitive and aware of the situation and the proper diagnosis of the situation. The process of problem solving could be: 1) Identify the key problems/discovery and valuing; 2) Analyze the causes/envisioning; 3) Analyzing the possible solutions/dialogue; and 4) Develop plan of actions/consulting the future. The professionals have a real task of going through these steps of development or improvement in the lot.
The one reason for our failure is for sure is the powerlessness. The politics is for power. Politics occurs when there are differentials in power. Political power is the capacity to affect the behavior of another person or group by the threat of some form of the sanctions can be both positive and negative. The sanctions can be exercised either by making promises (positive) or by the use of threats (negative). It, therefore, demands political power and skills to bargain and negotiate with others in order to influence others, or to protect their groups from any outside influence. Making an attempt at changing the practices, policies and outputs of an orgn requires tact. Changing something depends upon the power of those attempting to do so and how the end result will fulfill their expectations from the system. This means any organization, including Magars, seeking to bring changes must possess power the political power.
All individuals tend to get power from the organization they work with, in order to maintain and develop their identity, self-esteem and relative independence. Generally, members of any orgn have three basic choice:
1) to stay and contribute to the orgn,
2) to exit;
3) to stay and try to change the system through the voice.
Anyone who is really concerned with the causes of Magar community should not exit from the scene but help develop it in whatever way possible. That would be the real contribution. To be effective, all of us must be adept in the art of understanding, reading and analyzing organizations as living human being.
We must also remember that no community can survive all alone in this earth. Therefore, all our efforts must not be guided by negative approach of management. Ours approach should rather be nicely integrated with national interests of harmony, Peace and security.
With best wishes.
Govind P. Thapa

Dec 1, 2001
Dear GP Thapaji,
ii. Magar community, planning for Change?: Thank you for sharing this thought provoking email with me. You have done a wonderful analysis with the analytical mind of a police officer. I fully agree with you that the Magar community should: a) identify the problems; b) analyze the causes; c) analyze possible solutions and then d) develop plans for actions. The Nepal Magar Sangh has done a commendable job in bringing together the Magar brethrens scattered all over Nepal and arousing general consciousness not only among ourselves but in other communities as well. The Magars have done a heroic job in the task of first the unification of Nepal with King Prithvi Narayan Shah and later in the Expansion of Nepal. History speaks volumes on this. We got totally marginalized during the Rana rule of 104 years through our prowess was recognized and used by the clever British. We got to disseminate this information to our Magar brethrens. Yes, we are totally bereft of political power and it is high time that as the third largest community of Nepal we should be proportionately represented in the government of the day.?..
With warm regards
Sant Bahadur Pun