Dalit: Modern-day slavery’s challenges
Adivasi Janajati: Status and trend update (June 2005-April 2009)?draft
Study of the Problem of Discrimination Against Indigenous Populations
State of the World’s Indigenous Peoples-Foreword
State of World’s Indigenous Peoples-Introduction
State of World Indigenous Peoples-Poverty and Well Being
State of World’s Indigenous Peoples-Environment
State of World’s Indigeoous Peoples-Education
State of World’s Indigenous Peoples-Health
State of the World’s Indigenous Peoples-Human Rights
State of World’s Indigenous Peoples-Emerging Issues
Women and Politics: Case of the Kham Magar of Western Nepal by Augusta Molnar
Indigenous People, Poverty Reduction and Conflict by Krishna Bhattachan
Ethnic Cauldron, Demography and Minority Politics by Dilli Ram Dahal
Maping Power: Disputing Claims to Kipat Lands in Northeatern Nepal by Anne A. Forbes
Social Exclusion and Conflict Transformation in Nepal by Alexandra Geiser
State and Society in Nepal by Harka Gurung
Understandng Social Inclusion and Exclusion by Rajendra Pradhan
Politcal Inclusion and the Dynamics of Democratization by John S. Dryzek
A DFID Policy Paper: Reducing Poverty by Tackling Social Inclusion
Paradigms of Governance and Social Exclusion by Edward Dommen
Social Exclusion, Solidarity and the Challange of Globalization by G.J. Room
Social Exclusion and Conflict: Analysis and Policy Implications by Frances Stewart
Social Exclusion: The Concept and Application to Developing Countries by Ruhi Saith
Ethnic Nationalism in Nepal by Bal Gopal Shrestha