Dear everyone,
Thank you Dr. Thapa for your initiation and congratulation on having been able to start our own new website. Below are my preliminary remarks:
1. What about Magar languages [Kham, Kaike and central Nepal Magar kura]. I am interested in Magar language(s). [Please check there in Kham Magar kura, Kusunda, Dravidian and Sanskrit links]. If possible, why not plan a cultural exchange /study visit to Kham province of Tibet? I am interested to be in the team. The China Study Centre? Kathmandu Chairman Madan Regmi/Chinese Embassy may support. Madan Regmi has received substantial support from Chinese Embassy/Government. I may request from here Madan Regmi or some other in the China Study Centre to assist us.
2. What about Kham and Kaike Magar cultures? Central/Eastern Nepal Magar culture is already diluted?. Have already lost anthropological flair and importance, however, it may also be viewed from Hinduistic perspective.
3. What about Magar folk-lore including Kaura Naach etc [Khem Thapa ji can support this section].
4. What about Budha Magars of Rolpa, Rukum and their ancestral/historical importance, if any? Why not try to go into deep studies with the Magyars of Hungary? But, we should keep in mind intellectual/elite Hungarian do not seem prepared to view Magar-Magyar relations of any importance.
5. What about Bheja of Palpa the early Magar indigenous social management system. Surendra Ranaji, Yam Jhedi or Sangini Rana may elaborate this section.
6. If we could announce an international seminar on Magars of Nepal: From Cultural Asian historical perspectives and upload the program in the website. Invite scholars from other countries to participate in. We may invite them on their own expenses as many of such organizations in Europe do that. At least Hungarians and Mongolians might be interested in participating.
7. Or, if we needed some money actually I do hope UNICEF might help. We may ask Henning Karcher of UNDP also.
If we could upload some materials on above mentioned themes that might be of interest to international academic community also.
Please keep me posted, I will be sharing with you there.
Rana Gorkhali
Harvard University, USA

Hi..This is Robin from Australia, Sydney.
I am doing Bchellor ib Civil Engineering at the University of New Castle. Well what can I say that this web site Rocks man. keep up the excellent work sure to make any Magar proud and I thank u for that. Pls free to contact me.
Mon 6 oct 2003